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    Female Sexual Wellness Resources

    Curated by Dr M of HerPrivatePleasures NYC

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your body and sexuality with these educational resources for women.

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    The Cliteracy Project

    From ancient history to the modern day, the clitoris has been discredited, dismissed and deleted — and women’s pleasure has often been left out of the conversation entirely. Now, an underground art movement is emerging across the globe to challenge the lies, question the myths and rewrite the rules around sex and the female body.


    Women’s sexual pleasure has hidden in the shadows for too long. It’s time to get it all out in the open. OMGyes is an entirely new way to explore fascinating, useful and fun information that’s been uncovered in new research. Let’s lift the veil and take an honest look at the specific ways women actually find pleasure.

    O Diaries

     O Diaries celebrates the diversity of women. We’re passionately committed to helping improve the lives of women through the stories and conversations we feature on this blog. Our team of writers and editors approaches every story with compassion and honesty. We won’t hold back – that’s a promise.

    Vanessa Marin Sex Therapy

    Sex has the potential to be one of the most intimate, empowering, and joyful experiences we get to have as human beings. But we often end up feeling embarrassed, insecure, and lost. As a sex therapist, Vanessa's goal is to help you identify and overcome your blockages, and learn how to have more fun in the bedroom. Whether you’re looking to learn how to orgasm, skyrocket your confidence, or rekindle the spark with your partner, Vanessa is here to help!

    Maze Women's Sexual Health - New York

    You don’t have to live without a fulfilling sex life just because you’ve had a baby, passed through menopause or grown up with doubts about sex. Whether it's Vaginismus, Low Sex Drive, Hormone Imbalances or something else, at Maze, we believe that a satisfying sex life can be yours.

    Betty Dodson

    Betty Dodson PhD and Carlin Ross JD launched this site in 2007 to promote the "Betty Dodson" method of selflove and feminist-based sex education. All of our content is based on questions submitted here and answered by Betty from users all over the world.

    Women's Health Magazine - Sex & Love

    Numerous articles focused on female pleasure and sexuality.

    Bustle / Sex

    Numerous articles on female pleasures and sexuality.

    The Yoniverse

    Yoniverse's vision is to share knowledge, tools and practices to support both men and women to experience what is truly possible through Conscious Sexuality. (Based is Australia).

    Lola Jean

    Sex Educator, Instructor & Coach. Pro Domme. Wrestler. Writer.

    Killing Kittens

    Killing Kittens was founded in response to demand from young, independent single girls and couples who needed something more. The world’s most exclusive, decadent and hedonistic parties were created, fully focused on the pursuit of female pleasure. Girls remain at the forefront…in control, knowing what they want while also empowering adventurous couples the world over.

    Pamela Madsen

    Pamela Madsen is a fearless advocate for women’s health and integrated sexuality. During her 25-year career, Pamela has leveraged her raw honesty and wit to help strip the stigma from female desire, body image and weight. Her willingness to use her personal struggles to discover her innate sexuality has made Pamela one of the most relatable figures in women’s erotic wellness.

    School of Squirt

    School Of Squirt helps men and women to learn how to have a more exciting, pleasurable and fulfilling sex life.

    LiveAboutDotCom / Sex

    Comprehensive and friendly resources providing straightforward answers to questions about sexual health, sex tips and techniques -- including numerous articles on anal sex, masturbation, male and female handjobs and more.

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