Sensual, Tantric Inspired Erotic Massage for Women in New York

Tantric Inspired Happy Ending Sensual Massage for Females in New York

Massage With a Sensual Touch ... Exclusively for Women

happy ending massage for women in new york
Experience a unique hands-on approach to your personal pleasures.

Convenient midtown Manhattan location in New York City. Luxury doorman building.

What Clients Are Saying...

•    "Every woman should experience this type of massage/journey at least once in her life. The minute I walked through the door of his extremely clean studio, he made me feel comfortable. With skill and patience, he peels every layer of inhibitions you may have. He senses your timing and even gives you room to breath between happy moments. I will use just one word to describe his massage: bliss. Stop thinking about it, and give yourself a nice gift! He will take care of the rest."

•    “My experience was absolutely amazing... I came in not expecting to be capable of feeling the way I did. Just really an out of body experience. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical about how legit this was... perhaps because it was hard for me to believe that there is actually something like this available for women. But when I met Dr. M, his demeanor was extremely professional, initially and throughout the experience, and I was at ease with the feeling that this was all for me. Truly a doctor in all senses. Thank you for the experience.”

•    “I wanted to thank you for the perfect dose of therapy last night. it was a real treat to feel like an attractive, desirable woman worthy of a little attention. You have, in your own way, restored my faith in the male species. Your services are both worthwhile and deeply appreciated.”

•    “The doctor eases your tension with a massage, slowly and tantalizingly moving toward your pleasure spots. His technique is beyond impressive; He not only has the technical “magic touch”, he also knows exactly how to switch back and forth from slow teasing to more direct pleasure in a way that we women love.”

•    “I wasn’t sent a form email, and he wasn’t sleazy in his response. He was professional and warm, and took the time to answer all my questions. When we spoke on the phone, Doc really listened to everything I had to say. He took the time to talk with me - like a person. And I made an appointment. This was the real deal - clean, discreet, respectful, safe. Doc is a normal guy… a very highly skilled normal guy.”

•    “Happy to say that there is no shady business or surprises here! I was fully satisfied and it was a pleasurable experience. The doctor is very professional and makes you feel comfortable from the beginning!”

•    “I told a friend where I was and to check in with me via text; Dr. M's building has a doorman and in a great part of town; his apartment is very clean and organized; he is very likable, clean, cute and kind. /// It is incredibly wonderful to have an experience where you can completely shut off your brain and set your senses free - not think about gratifying anyone, what I should or shouldn't be doing, etc... The experience was sensual and erotic - Im looking forward to my next session!”

•    “Dr. M was very understanding and let me take my time until I felt comfortable. He predicted that I would feel better once the massage started – he was 100% right. Ladies – put on the robe he gives you, get on the table and you’ll start to feel so much pleasure you’ll forget how nervous you are. It’s impossible to NOT get extremely turned on once he’s been massaging you for a few minutes. Dr. M makes sure that the focus is all about you and he is EXTREMELY skilled with his hands."

 •   “The massage was terribly relaxing, and as predicted, my nervousness diminished quickly. As he worked his way over my body, I surprised myself at how quickly I could be turned on, and how much I wanted it - long before he was ready to give it. I won’t spill his secrets, but Doc knows what he’s doing. He takes his time, and it was amazing to feel this way. It really was all about me.”

•    "I have been looking for a service like this for a very long time and I am so happy to have found Doctor M. I highly recommend him for any woman seeking a gentle, warm touch in a safe, clean environment. I am a single woman in need of male attention. Random encounters aren't my thing, but Doctor M is! He took care of my body, mind and spirit. Don't be nervous ... this is a wonderful gift to give yourself.

 I plan on being a regular customer!"

What the Press is Saying ...

March, 2013
female happy ending massage NYC December, 2013

About Her Private Pleasures
- Safe, discreet and confidential.
- Indulge in an atmosphere of trust, professionalism and respect.
- The focus is on you and you only. All limits respected at all times.
- Me: Warm and welcoming white educated professional. Mid-40, 5' 8", 148 lbs. Youthful, fit, cute, clean-cut.
- Brief voice verification phone call required to confirm all appointments.
- No men. No couples. Women only.
- While I am neither a LMT or a real "doctor," the pleasure you'll experience is as real as it gets. Take their word.

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Sensual Massage for Women in New York
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 time has finally come. And now it's your turn to do so too.
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